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  • EMichaud
    started a topic Changing individual column widths

    Changing individual column widths

    We can use the RTFstyle parameter CLENS to change individual column widths in an RTF report.
    Note that if CLENS is given and the total table length is exactly as it was before (Sum of Modified CLENS = TOTAL TABLE WIDTH) the system does not sense any difference between the length of the Header...
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  • RTF table writing takes too long. SAS Hot Fix can solve it.

    When SAS version 7 and 8 was introduced we noticed that writing the RTF external file took up much more time then it did with SAS version 6.12.
    We brought this problem to the attention of SAS Institute and they agreed that they had a bug to write external files on networks in these versions....
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  • EMichaud
    started a topic RMULT and AUTO RTFSTYLE parameters

    RMULT and AUTO RTFSTYLE parameters

    The combined usage of the RMULT and AUTO RTFSTYLE parameters.

    The RTFSTYLE parameter RMULT sets up the multiplication factor for the row-head columns. The RTFSTYLE parameter AUTO causes the whole table width to be adjusted to the defined margins by changing some or all RTF column widths.
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