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  • Greg Wagner
    Hi psrinandn,

    Is this post in regards to security data from The ClinPlus Data Management system or the ClinPlus Report system? If so, I'll move the post to the data management forum...

    I'm sure that we can come up with the information you are looking for - to clarify, do you want to run a report by selecting a particular study and then see what the users rights are, both inherited and explicit just for that one study?

    You can email the report code if you like to [email protected] and we can take a look at it.


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    Guest started a topic Permissions listings

    Permissions listings

    I have been asked to create a Report of the list of Users and Admins and their rights of use for a defined protocol. I followed the security Report and customized it.

    But I am stuck at the point of (permissions editor).The members in SYSTEM ADMIN and DATA MAINTAINENCE are repeated in all protocols as they belong to that group.I need to isolate only those specific to a Protocol from that group. Is there a way to do this?

    Further, the Inheritence of source creates a new field for the Study and doesnt associate it with the Protocol.Is there a way to associate the Study and Protocol Source?