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Changing individual column widths

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  • Changing individual column widths

    We can use the RTFstyle parameter CLENS to change individual column widths in an RTF report.
    Note that if CLENS is given and the total table length is exactly as it was before (Sum of Modified CLENS = TOTAL TABLE WIDTH) the system does not sense any difference between the length of the Header and the length of the Body part of the table and the header part will not change because of it.

    The user has to be aware of this and avoid the use of any CLENS which does not modify the sum of the default CLENS value.

    For example: RTF Default column widths: 26 10 9 9 8
    RTF Update column widths: 22 10 10 10 10

    TOTAL TABLE WIDTH=62 (the sum of Default column width). The Updated sum of columns width are also 62.