The combined usage of the RMULT and AUTO RTFSTYLE parameters.

The RTFSTYLE parameter RMULT sets up the multiplication factor for the row-head columns. The RTFSTYLE parameter AUTO causes the whole table width to be adjusted to the defined margins by changing some or all RTF column widths.
Parameters RMULT and AUTO can work side by side. This means parameter AUTO works with the original column-lengths and parameter RMULT will have an effect on the column-lengths already changed by AUTO. We could say the two parameters work on top of each other; first AUTO then RMULT.

Example of the LOG messages when using AUTO and RMULT=75 with default MULTPLYR=20:

DZSTABLE note: RTF Default column widths: 3 12 5 38
               Use this string for CLENS RTF-style parameter.
DZSTABLE note: RTF Number of Row Head Columns: 1
DZSTABLE note: RTF - Auto Column Width Adjustment is in process.
DZSTABLE note: RTF - RMULT is given: 75[/COLOR]

The LOG tells us that AUTO caused the default MULTPLYR=20 to change to 15 in order to fit the page. RMULT made the first column (Row Head Column) wider.
Use caution when applying the two parameters together since the resulting table width could overflow the page margins if RMULT is too big.