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Placing conditional RTF styles in table body

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  • Placing conditional RTF styles in table body

    There may be instances when you want to have conditional RTF styles in a table body. These are cases when you want to emphasize a specific part of the report. It can be done with highlighting, underlining, italics, bolding or any other kind of RTF styling.

    The software provided RTF inserts are used in labels, formats, titles and footnotes. They are coded in double squared parentheses and do not appear in the SAS output.

    RTF inserts placed directly in the data will be part of the data and will show in the SAS list. (SAS output can be avoided by using the NOLIST option). However, the RTF report will interpret them correctly.

    See for an example of using RTF inserts both ways. See RTFinserts.doc to view the output.

    Traditional RTF inserts (coded in between [[]]) are placed in the column labels and in the title and footnote line.
    · Column Label RESULT is printed CAPITAL
    · SUPERSCRIPT 2 is placed in the first line of Titles next to XYZ
    · SUBSCRIPT E is place in the footnote next to the word DATE.

    RTF inserts are placed in the table body highlighting with yellow all the AGE values greater then 60. This is done by manipulating the data by the following statement in the data step:

    if age>59then charAge="\highlight07 "||trim(Left(charAge));
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