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Example of mpregen parameter

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  • Example of mpregen parameter

    Mpregen is the name of the parameter that calls up a user-written SAS macro to execute prior to DZSLIST call.

    This parameter is for higher level usage and should be used after consulting DZSTABLE support staff. Mpregen provides for user-written "work-arounds" to DZSTABLE limitations by allowing the user to modify the data set and macro variable values sent to DZSLIST by DZSTABLE. The user is responsible for the quality assurance of a printed report resulting from a DZSTABLE call containing the mpregen parameter.

    Before using mpregen, it is advisable to run %DZSTABLE with the print_statout option.
    This will print the final data set _STATOUT with its PROC PRINT and PROC CONTENTS.
    _STATOUT is the data set created by DZSTABLE to be sent to DZSLIST as an input data set. Also, the colvars and span parameters as created by DZSTABLE can be found in the log. With this information, _STATOUT can be altered to customize our report.

    Open the attached program to view an example of the Mpregen parameter.
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