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  • Usage Notes for TFBREAK

    The purpose of TFBREAK is to break up long text in either titles or footnotes. However, TFBREAK does not work when the long text is in a variable in the footnote. It only works if the text is either in a macro variable or the text is spelled out in the footnote.

    Incorrect (variable in footnote): FOOTNOTE=%STR(@_Indent Program Source: !ftntxt), Options=TFBREAK (See TestA.doc)

    Correct (footnote is a macro variable): FOOTNOTE=%STR(@_Indent Program Source: &ftntxt), Options=TFBREAK (See TestB.doc)

    Correct (footnote is written out in text): FOOTNOTE=%STR(@_Indent Program Source: This is a very long footnote and it is suppose to be broken up automatically. Let us see what it does.), Options=TFBREAK (See TestC.doc)
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