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Removing extra header lines

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  • Removing extra header lines

    Sometimes if you have three variables sharing a column in an under-under situation the RTF output swallows the top solid from the header caused by empty lines above the top column header. See example of RTF output in TestA.doc. See also

    Looking at TestA.lst you can see that there are empty lines ABOVE the top column header labels. These should not be there.

    The under-under situation demands that the two variable labels under the top variable be blank. If they are not, it could result in making the top variable label length longer then it should be, resulting in the extra empty line on top. RTF can not read that properly, hence the topline is gone.

    To allow the top solid header line to appear correctly in your RTF output you need to look at the labels for the variables under each other and the ones sharing a column.

    The labels for the three variables above should be like this:

    label trtn=”@@i Treatment | Parameter | Location”
    parm=" "
    loc=" ";

    By making the bottom two variable labels blank, the extra lines are removed and the SAS Output will appear as below:

    See also and TestB.doc to view the RTF output.
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