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  • How to add a cover a page

    You can create a cover page (as page 1) and then begin your list/table as page 2. An example would be having your inclusion criteria on a cover page then the listing data. Another example might be a cover page that contains AE system organ class and abbreviations and then the AE listing.

    To create a list, the solution is to create two reports and use PROC PRINTTO to combine the two reports. The first page is the cover page only and the second page is the actual listing. The cover page number should be PGNUMFMT=Page:#n along with PAGENO=1. The actual list should be PGNUMFMT=Page:#n(last) along with PAGENO=2. Click Sample1 Solution to see a list example.

    To create a table, in addition to creating two reports and using PROC PRINTTO to combine them you will also need to use the PPRINTTO parameter in the DZSTable call. Click Sample1 solution to see a table example.

    Note: If using RTF, the two reports will be on separate pages and you can combine them in MS Word.
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