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  • Justification of Colvars

    The column width in DZSLIST is defined automatically by taking the smallest possible width allowed by the data in the column and the column head texts. If the variable is numeric, the value in the column is centered. If the variable is character it will be left justified. When it is left justified it may not lay against the left dividing line. The longest column-head text makes the column wider then the widest data. However, you can use COLLENS for character variables to make them flush against the left side of the column. Additionally if your variable is numeric you can change it to character in a data manipulation step and then apply COLLENS. There are no other ways to apply justification to the Colvars (column variables).

    Click to see an example of one program that does not use COLLENS and one program that uses COLLENS.

    Click collens.doc to see the output of the program with COLLENS.
    Click withoutcollens.doc to see the output of the program without COLLENS.
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