When creating a DZS Table, the ACROSS variable is a formatted variable and the formats express all the possible values that the ACROSS variable can take up in a the specific study. When the data does not contain all the possible ACROSS variables the table will not create columns for the missing values. There is a way to get the missing columns into the table by taking the following steps:

Let's assume that our ACROSS variable is treatment group for the DZSTable Macro call.
1. Add a new variable to the original input data set - FAKE=missing.
data inputData; set inputData;

2. Create an additional data set with ALL possible treatment groups as an observation adding the variable FAKE=1 also
data add; set inputData(obs=1);
trtn=1; output;
trtn=2; output;
trtn=3; output;
trtn=4; output;
3. Append the additional data set to the input data set:
data inputData; set inputData add; 
  format trtn trtn.
4. Run the DZSTABLE macro with the variable FAKE as a title paging variable. The table will have an additional page containing all the ACROSS columns and FAKE=1 in the title. Using the default option UNIFORMACROSS will produce identical pages with all columns.
(titles=%str(Example for more ACROSS treatment columns then data set has\!fake\@)

5. Eliminate the extra page using MPREGEN=MYMAC.
%macro mymac;
  data _statout; set _statout; if fake=.; run;
%mend mymac;
Click SampleAcrossFull.sasto see an example of a program that creates

ClickSampleAcrossFull.doc to see the output of the example program.