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Documentation of installation procedures

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  • Documentation of installation procedures

    I am about to install Clinplus 3.1 SR-1 and want to produce documentation for audit materials. Is there any written instructions either on the installation disk (which I could not find) or on the web site that I can include with audit materials to include with screen shots to show I installed the correct way?

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    There are several documents that should be present on the installation CD. If you are unable to locate any of these, please email me and I will send them to you.

    In the root directory there should be the following items:
    • v3.1 (SR-1) Installation Checklist.doc - Check list of items required for a successful installation
    • v3.1 (SR-1) Installation Guide.doc - Installation guideline document which walks you through the installation process.
    • V3.1 (SR-1) Installqualificationchcklist.doc - The installation qualification document is used to document the successful installation. It contains a step by step procedure which test each portion of the system.

    In addition, the following information is found in the Docs folder:
    • Coding200v8a Import Setup.doc - documents how to setup the link between the coding tool and DM 3.x.
    • Various release notes - document the changes for each version.
    • DMv3.1CDISCSystemConformity.doc
    • DMv3.1FunctionalDescription.doc
    • Upgrading to SAS v9.1.3.doc
    • DMv3.0TestPlanSectionAllCombined.doc
    • SAS Share info (folder)
    • Case Study documents (folder)


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      Thanks Greg

      Greg, thanks for list, embarrassed I did not look in the root file.