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Setting up a DSN-Less SAS-ODBC Library in DM

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  • Setting up a DSN-Less SAS-ODBC Library in DM

    I have been using the ODBC option on the SAS LIBNAME statement for several years. This enables a SAS session to view the 'foreign' data as a regular SAS library. All tables are viewed as SAS objects as far as the sas programs are concerned. Until now, this feature required a separate ODBC system/user setup on the client machine (the computer that SAS runs).

    For example in a regular sas program you could do the following:
    LIBNAME test odbc dsn="your dsn name";
    data mytest;
      set test.any_table_in_lib;
    You can now do that (access the outside library) without the setup of the dsn setup.
    LIBNAME msacc odbc noprompt="Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};
    This makes the use of the ODBC engine so much easier to maintain.

    Now for use with the DM 3.x system. You can set up external libraries using the study setup tool (located under system administration --> studies). Select the study in your source and then select the Libraries tab. Add a library by clicking the add lib icon and fill in the info for description and libname. For the engine select the ODBC engine and in the options column enter the following:
    noprompt="Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};
    (Make sure that its one line)

    You will now have access to an ODBC compliant datasource without setting up a DSN for every computer in your organization.