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Pre-Process for DM3.X Import data

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  • Pre-Process for DM3.X Import data

    Before importing data in the DM3.x system there is a pre-process option that can be utilized for all sorts of data manipulations. The pre-process 'job' has access to all the views for the study simply because the the many study librefs are all set before that job's execution. (ie. when you select the study)
    Is there a way that I can have an external pre-pre-process (sort of a pre process before the pre-process, perhaps at night) that can access the views as well. Currently that job returns an error that the views can't display as the proper librefs are not set.
    If I had access to the view data I could presort the data that I target for upload by the application's import module and send only 'clean' data to that module. Perhaps a change in the making of the SAS view, by having the USING LIBNAME "drive:\x" option on the SQL statement.

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    If you assign the libnames required in your code then you can access the views external of the system. It would be nice to have the libnames imbedded in the view, but they are not at this time.

    For now, the following post shows you a way to do this and supplies a macro four your use to assign the required libnames.
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