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Changing a Record's Status

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  • Changing a Record's Status

    While checking the data in a database we are currently testing, I ran across some records whose STATUSCODEs were V. This is worrisome because I know that none of this data had been verified.

    The audit trail shows the status change taking place exactly when some other data is changing; if someone tried to use Update to change unverified data, would it allow it, and would it change the record's status to Verified? And would there be any way to change it back?

    I guess the broad question to trump both those is: what are the ways other than Verify to change a record's status code?

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    There are two ways that this could happen.
    • Adding a new recored in a mode other than first key.
      A record's status will initially be set to Verified if the record is entered in a mode other than first key.

      However, there are two system options (System Administration > Settings > Options) that control whether this is allowed.
      • Allow new records to be inserted in Verify mode.
      • Allow new records to be inserted in Update mode.

    • A Non-verified record is updated in Update mode.
      If you do not want the value updated, then the changes should be made in 1st key.
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      I take it it's a one-way operation?
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        Yes, once the status has been moved to 'V' - Verified it stays there. You can not revert the status back to 'N' - Nonverfied.