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Coverqueries are not written to Query Management

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  • Coverqueries are not written to Query Management

    Dear all,
    we have been running COVER programs to create queries for a study. While most of the programs were running without problems, the output of one of them was not added to the query management module. In fact, the program runs for 8 subjects normally, but for the 9th subject it produces queries and then fails to append the query and querydetails datasets. The logfile and job statistics indicate that the program was running normally, without errors and all the queries were accepted. Does someone has experiences with that sort of problem?
    Thanks Thomas.

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    Hi Thomas,

    This sounds like there may be an issue with the data or perhaps an issue in the code. Are you able to review the SAS log for errors?



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      Hi Greg,
      the logfile shows no errors and the coverquery dataset contains all the queries to this subject. Only the final step (I guess it is a proc append to the querydetails dataset) does not work and only for a specific subject. The only difference between the subjects is that the one that does not work produces more queries than the other ones.
      Thanks Thomas.