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    We have a CPDM query report which is taking about 30 seconds after selected to display the subset screens.
    The query details data set contains approximately 18,000 rows.
    While this program is initiating, other users are affected with extreme slowness in their processes (query manangement and data entry).
    Anthony Nappi
    MedTrials Inc.
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    Hi Anthony,

    To populate the selection boxes, the system must find the unique values in the table specified for the variable specified. The selection boxes should be populated by the table with the fewest records possible.

    For example, although the query details may have the investogatorNumber and patientNumber, you would not want to use this table top populate a selection of those fields. A better choice would be PVIEWS.ENROLLMENT which only contains one record per patient, much less data to be processed.

    Also, each selection you add creates more overhead for the SAS Share service and the system in general. You should only add what you really need.