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Security: Task definition documentation

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  • Ronni Rubenstein
    Task Descriptions

    Hi Ed,

    We do not have documentation on the tasks, but basically, each task under a group refers to an activity that can be done for that group.

    For example, if you are given the Query Resolution task item under Data Entry, then you will be able to connect to the Query Management module from Data Entry to resolve a query. If you are given the Query Resolution task item under Data Review, then you can access the Query Resolution module under Study Tasks > Data Review.

    Although these two tasks are labeled the same, they are actually two very different tasks.

    Best regards,
    Ronni Rubenstein
    Training Manager

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  • EdParmelee
    started a topic Security: Task definition documentation

    Security: Task definition documentation


    In the Task Editor, each available task is listed only as a fairly short label. It is not always clear what the task label refers to. For example, under the 'Data Entry' task group, there is a task called 'Query Resolution'; under the 'Data Review Tasks' task group, there is also a task called 'Query Resolution'.

    Do these two tasks control the same functionality? If not, what are the differences between the two tasks? If so, and someone is granted permission to the task under one task group, but denied permission under the other, which permission takes precedence?

    Is there any documentation that details the functionality and permissions priority of all tasks?