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  • Annoying Alert Beeps

    From: Kyle McDonald
    Sent: Friday, May 02, 2008
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Alert Beeps

    Our users receive alert beeps from ClinPlus when certain actions complete, such as loading a dictionary or completing a search. Is there a way to disable these beeps? Turning off the PC speakers or muting the sound in Windows seems to have no effect on them.



    From: Bob Borysko
    Sent: Fri 5/2/2008
    To: Kyle McDonald
    Subject: Re: [#SRX01867] Alert Beeps

    Those sounds are using the internal speaker rather than the audio speakers. I did a Google search on “disable pc beep” and came up with this link that might help you:

    Bob Borysko
    Vice President Programming and Development
    DZS Software Solutions, Inc.
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    Bound Brook, NJ 08805-1258
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    Disable Alert Beeps

    There is a quick way to disable the alert beeps during your login session. Use the command prompt, which can be accessed through [Start / All Programs / Accessories] and then,

    Type the following to stop the beep:

    > net stop beep

    Type the following to turn the beep back on:

    > net start beep