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  • barcode and key field...

    Just was not sure about the barcode and keyfield concept. so if we want to use the 'key field' option for the dataentry details.

    1. we first set the barcode option in the data entry specifications and then track all the patients down into the system.

    2. again change data entry specifications to key field option and save it.

    3. then the Data entry personals can start entering the data selecting the investigatornumber and patient number only once for each order.

    can someone verify if this is the right procedure.


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    Bar Code vs Key Field Data Entry


    The procedure that you stated is fine if you thought that data entry would be faster with the records being brought up by the barcodes. However, if your preference for data entry is to bring up a record by the key fields (investigator and patient), then you can set up the study from the start to key field.

    You are right that when the data entry person uses key fields, they only have to enter the information once and the screens move forward based on the display order.

    I hope that helps.
    Ronni Rubenstein
    Software Trainer


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      so Ronnie, even though we set the options to key field in dataentry, we still need to track the page right. and when i set the data entry option under the studies option to key field, i am not able to track the barcode. so i assumed that to track the pages, we need to set the data entry option to barcode then track the pages and before the data entry personal starts entering the data, we set it back to key field option. can you please verify this for me!

      thanks so much for the help


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        Tracking and Auto Tracking

        Hi Bhagya,

        If you are on ClinPlus Data Management version 3.21, then you can set the system to AutoTrack. In this feature, you can enroll the patient through the data entry screen and avoid tracking in the pages.

        If you prefer to track in pages, the system can be set to either bar code or key code; it doesn't matter. These options are for data entry. You select whether the data entry person will bring up a record by the bar code or key field. You do not need to change the setting after pages have been tracked in.

        To make this more clear, I would be happy to show you this on a WebEx session, if you have time today or next week.
        732-764-6969 x223


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          thanks Ronnie

          I will be in touch, if i need further clarification with this, i will definitely contact you on monday.

          thank you so much for all your help.