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    I have a subset of formats I want to "upload" to ClinPlus without having to manually add each one to the global library. How may this be accomplished?

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    Format upload

    A format library in ClinPlus Data Management is nothing more than a pointer to the folder where a SAS Format Catalog resides. This format catalog can be created and/or modified outside of the system if need be. However, care should be taken as not to remove formats which are linked to data within the system.

    In order to add formats from one catalog to another, you can use the SAS Explorer window. Define two libraries, one to the target format location and one to the source library location. You can then drag and drop the formats from one location to the other in the SAS Explorer window.

    They should now be available for use in the system.

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      I receive an error upon following your instructions asking me if I want to overwrite the format library - which I of course, do not. Dragging and Dropping does not appear to do the trick for me.


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        When copying the formats, be sure that you are copying the individual formats from the source catalog to the target and not the entire format catalog itself.

        Once you have assigned your libraries, open the SAS explorer window and expand the source library. Then click on the source format catalog. The formats contained within should now be displayed in the right hand panel. You should now be able to drag and drop the required formats to the target format catalog.