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Modeling a study between instances of ClinPlus DM 3.x

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  • Modeling a study between instances of ClinPlus DM 3.x

    Modeling a study between instances of ClinPlus DM 3.x

    The following describes a process that can be used to copy a study structure from one instance of ClinPlus DM 3.x to another instance of ClinPlus DM 3.x. This may be helpful when a project is developed on one machine and needs to be moved to another.
    1. Create a Temporary Study in the target instance of DM3. Be sure to remove all study level passwords. You do not need to enable SAS Share.
    2. Make note of the temporary study location.
    3. Remove all study level passwords from Source Study in the source instance of DM3.
    4. Export investigatorNumbers from Source Study to a location accessible from the target machine
    5. Using windows explorer, copy entire Source Study, including all sub directories to the Temporary Study. You will be overwriting the entire temporary study.
    6. If there are any study level format or macro libraries, be sure to add these to the temporary study.
    7. If there is any Source or Global format or macro libraries, add these manually to the target instance and copy the format and macro files.
    8. In the target instance of DM3, use the Modeling utility under System Administration to model the temporary study to the final production location.
    9. Using Study Tasks / Data Transfers / Import / SAS / System Data, import the study investigators from the file which was exported in step 4 above.
    10. Under System Administration / Studies
      1. Set study level passwords and Save definition
      2. Turn on SAS Share for study libraries and Save definition
      3. Double check all other study parameters such as
        1. Key Variables
        2. Bar Codes
        3. Queries (template definitions)
        4. Data Entry Defaults, including Entry Type.

    If you do not require copying the entire study and are just interested in some of the screens/structures, the modeling process can be skipped and the screens and structures copied using the screen design module copy feature.
    Last edited by Greg Wagner; 10-12-2005, 12:18 PM.