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Exporting Study System Views and Audit Trails

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  • Exporting Study System Views and Audit Trails

    Any system data view can be exported using the SAS Export module. This includes study level audit trail files listed below.
    • ATTRIBUTELOG - contains changes that are made to clinical data structures
    • DATALOG - contains data changes to all study clinical data sets done through data entry
    • FORMATLOG - contains changes made to study formats using the format builder
    • RESOLUTIONLOG - contains log of 2nd key entry (verify) discrepancy choices
    • SYSTEMLOG - contains changes to all study system data sets
    To export any System View do the following:
    • Navigate to Study Tasks > Data Transfers > Export > SAS
    • Select Type = System
    • Select the views you wish to export and click Add Views
    • On the General Setup Tab
      • Specify the output path
      • Select the output type
        • SAS - creates SAS data sets
        • SAS Transport (single or multiple) creates SAS transport files
    • On the Mappings Tab
      • Verify the tables that have been added
      • Modify/Remove if desired
    • Click Export to finish. You do not need to save the selections to export them.
    If you like, you can save the export selections as follows:
    • Specify a template name in the box below the Templates selection
    • Provide a description
    • Click Save
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