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CPDM Study Archive Process

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  • CPDM Study Archive Process

    ClinPlus Data Management Study Archive Process

    The ClinPlus Data Management study archive process provides a way to archive all global and source level study data items that are linked to a project. This provides a means for restoring a study to the same or different instance of CPDM. It can server as a backup of the study global information in case of failure or deletion or just to port a project to another instance of CPDM. The process is comprised of a set of programs that are executed using the CPDM report interface.

    All global and source level information is stored in an the archive file __StudyArchiveData__ within the studies PSYS library, the root folder for a study. Following is a list of what this archive file includes:
    • global investigators definitions and address information (for investigators linked to study)
    • source definition information including any source options
    • source libraries definitions
    • source query prompts and question
    • source status codes
    • source reason codes
    • study definition information
    • study investigator definitions
    • bar code information
    • study libraries, key dates, data entry options
    • study query levels, level entry points, prompts and questions

    While all definition information will be saved to the archive file, the folder structures and physical file contents need to be managed outside of this process.

    All of the information required is contained in the zip archive attached to this post. Included is a document detailing setup, creating the archive and restoring.
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