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  • Make ClinPlus Time Current

    It appears that the time displayed in reports is not the actual time of day that the report is run. Why?

    This little excerpt from SAS explains what is going on and the way to fix it.

    In the SAS Output window, the date and time automatically prints at the top of each page of output. However, the date and time printed is the date and time that the current SAS session was invoked. Instead, you might want print the date and time that the SAS code is submitted. You can accomplish this by adding the following code to the top of each SAS program:
    options nodate;
    data _null_;
    call symput ('timenow',put (time(),time.));
    call symput ('datenow',put (date(),date9.));

    title "The current time is &timenow and the date is &datenow";

    The current date and time can be referenced with &timenow and &datenow variables in any statement, as seen in the TITLE statement above.

    OPTION dtreset, has been introduced in SAS 9 that can be used in place of the above code. See SAS Note SN-008682 for further details.

    To do this in ClinPlus:
    1) Open the file CPDM.cfg. This file can be found by looking at the properties of the shortcut that starts the system.
    2) Add the following line:
    3) Save the configuration file.