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Applying dataset labels to exported datasets

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  • Applying dataset labels to exported datasets

    The following program will allow you to add dataset labels to datasets after they have been exported. It will copy the label that is on the dataset within the system to the table in the export library.
    • First you need to create an export library where you will be exporting the datasets to.
      • The default name for this library is “EXPRTS” and can be changed but then the program library references must be changed to match. See “User Defined” library below:

    • Next, load the program in the attachment into the report library.
      • When you set up the program in the report library type should be normal, category can be any that you wish it to be placed into, and notes are optional.

    • Finally, you can then set up a template for the report.
      • The description and category can again be whatever you would like them to be but I would suggest consistency between the template and the report library when it comes to description and it is necessary to have consistency with regards to category.
      • The report type should be set to current study only and in the program field, you can load the program in the attachment below. There is no need to set any selection criteria as this will simply run on anything in the export library.

    Once you have finished all of this you can run the program through Study Information>Reports. The output that follows will either prompt the user as to the fact that there are no datasets in the export library or produce a list of datasets and the labels that were applied to them.
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