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  • Patients Who Do Not Complete Study

    Hi Beth,

    If you use the key date "Date of Discontinuation" in Study Administration
    (Key Variables tab), then these pages will not show up as past due. Or, you can manually input an Effective Discontinue Date in the Patients editor.

    Hope this helps,
    Bob Borysko

    From: Beth Oakland
    Sent: Tue 4/3/2007 5:39 PM
    To: Support
    Subject: Questions for ClinPlus


    How do we handle Screen Failures, which are 1 page CRFs that are completed for subjects who do not qualify for a study instead of having them complete an entire CRF book? If we track and just enter the Screen Fail CRF, then the rest of the CRFs will appear in the reports as not in house and not entered.

    Beth Oakland
    Data Manager