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  • Two Data Sets on One Page

    Hi Prakash,

    For a page that contains data for 2 different data sets, you would define only one page (ex. 007) in the CRF Pages module and two data entry screens in the CRF Screens module; one for each data set, both linked to the same page number.

    For Example, if page 007 contained both Demographics and Medical History, I would create a data entry screen for Demographics and a data entry screen for Medical History. Then, my display order would link both of them to page 007.

    When tracking, I would only have one tracking record per patient for page 007.

    The System page should be the value you will use in the system to identify a unique occurrence of a page. In this case, both the System page and Actual Page could be 007.

    Greg Wagner-


    From: prakash velappan
    Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 10:10 AM
    To: Support
    Subject: Re:ClinPlus Question-Defining CRF pages


    When I was learning ClinPlus, my first project only had 10 pages with different datasets on each page. Now, I'm working on my second project, which has 31 pages and some pages (eg: page no: 007) have two separate datasets on them. How can I define this page under CRF Pages editor? As per ClinPlus manual...number in the column Systems Page should be unique. How can I define such pages (where there are two datasets on a single page) in CRF page editor?