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Recording Unsolicited Comments

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  • Recording Unsolicited Comments

    From: Prakash Velap
    Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2007 7:14 AM
    To: Support
    Subject: Recording Unsolicited Comments

    Hi Peter,

    How can we record unsolicited comments, notes (for instance...additional notes written on the CRF by the investigator) from the CRF into ClinPlus?

    Thank you,
    Hi Prakash,

    In response to your first question there are two ways you can go about capturing comments in the system. The first is, if you wanted to capture them on the specific clinical table you’re working on, you are best off creating a comments field on the screen for that page. Otherwise, you can use the edit comments button at the top right of the table, as seen in the picture, to edit comments that will be saved with the header information. The difference is that these comments will be saved to a different table named clinicalcomments and if you wanted to see these comments you could run a listing on that table.

    Hope that helps.