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What are the Query and Document ID value's?

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  • What are the Query and Document ID value's?

    What are the Query and Document ID value's?

    Is there a meaning to the 13 digit number of Query ID and Document ID values in the system.

    Yes, the query and document ID's are actually SAS Datetime values to the thousandth of a second, which are then formatted to a consistent length of digits with the decimal removed. The queryid is derived from the recordid value. The documentid is generated when a query is printed.

    For example...

    A datetime value of 1468240158.831 would be 1468240158831.

    If the values happen to exactly be on the even second (1468240158) or less than 3 decimal places we pad the end of the value with 0's to make it a consistent length.

    So 1468240158 would be 1468240158000 and 1468240158.83 would be 1468240158.830 and so on.

    We chose to do this in this manner in order to guarantee a unique value as SAS does not have an identity value such as SQL or Oracle.

    All record identifiers in the system are datetime stamps to the thousandth of a second. The tables all have unique indexes on the recordids so that the values cannot be duplicated.

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