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    Custom Screen Headers

    The Header Editor in the ClinPlus System does not allow you to add additional user defined fields. This example demonstrates a technique that can be used to create screens with a common header area containing user defined fields, labels, push buttons, images, etc.

    Step 1

    Define a HEADER data set containing variables that are in common with all clinical data sets.

    HEADER Data Set

    Step 2

    Create your header screen linked to the HEADER data set. This screen may contain all header fields, text labels, images, pushbuttons, etc. that will be in common throughout all your screens, creating a consistent look and feel automatically.

    HEADER Screen

    Step 3

    Define a clinical data set. In this example, I also added the common fields to the Global Variables Library so I can start by adding them to each data set easily.

    Tumor Response Data Set

    Step 4

    Create your screen by copying the Header screen. In Screen Design, click the Copy button. Then, on the Screen Copy window, select your HEADER screen, enter your New Screen Name, enter the data set name you created in step 3 in Data Set Out and click copy. You will be prompted to confirm your selections.

    Screen Copy

    Screen Copy Confirmation

    Step 5

    Adding the other fields and completing your design. In screen design, select your new screen, add the remaining fileds and complete your design.

    Adding fields

    Complete design

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