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    From: Steven Duncam
    Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 6:13 PM
    To: [email protected]

    I have a couple of questions on CRF Image Viewing in ClinPlus 3.21.

    a) If I set the CRF Image Viewing to YES, then would I use the SAS Import function for Tracking/Images to provide the data for the barcode, etc., etc., etc., and the path where the image is located for that specific barcode?

    b) Do you know of any good scanning applications that your clients use that will read the CRF headers to create the barcode information and put everything needed into a file so it can be imported into ClinPlus?

    Many thanks for your help and information.


    Hi Steve,

    a) Yes, typically if you are using the image viewing, then the tracking information would be imported. The SAS data set to be imported would need to be derived from whatever source that would be feeding the process. This might be done as a batch SAS program outside the system, or as an import pre-processing program. In any case, there is some custom programming that needs to be done.

    b) The only scanning application that I know is being used by our clients is TeleForm ( ). Not sure what version.