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Alternative to Custom Screen Headers

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  • Alternative to Custom Screen Headers

    As an alternative to our post on Custom Screen Headers at, you can create additional variables on each screen that will act like screen headers by following these steps.

    1. In the Screen Header module for that client, add the labels for the additional fields you want to include, for instance "Patient Initials." The actual field will be added in the Data Structure module.

    2. In the Data Structure module, add the variables you want to include, such as "PATID" for the variable name, to each data structure.

    3. In the Screen Design module, change the “When placing field” dropdown list to “No Label.” Then, when you click Layout, you simply put the fields next to the appropriate label, which are already there.

    4. Once you set the first screen, make note of the coordinates (HPosition and VPosition) and width of the fields that will be placed in the header section. Then, on the other screens, just drop the object close to where it should be and then type the coordinates and width as noted before.

    5. Finally, when placing the remaining fields, return to the Design page and change the “When Placing Fields” option back to “Use field labels” and place the fields where needed.
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