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    I would like to see listings of my datasets without the stored values being filtered through the formats I specified in the dataset. In Study Information \ Listings, simply deleting the value of the Format column before running the listing does not seem to make a difference. I can change the format applied, but not remove it. How can I get around this to see the raw data without removing all the formats from my dataset or performing an export? (Using ClinPlus v3.0)

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    I am not sure if there is an option to turn this off. However, for character fields you can specify a character format with a $ and a length - up to the maximum that you want to see to override the default format.

    For example, if I have a race field with the format of $race. For which the values are 1=White, 2=Asian etc... I can specify $10. and will see the raw values.

    The same holds true for numeric fields. You can use the best. format with at least the maximum number of digits to be viewed. For example, if you want the raw value of the datestamp to be displayed, you could specify best32. which is the maximum for a numeric value. Using this will also show the decimal places.

    If I can find an easier way, I will be sure to post it for you.