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    Patient Profile Listing
    The patient profile report creates a listing output of a patient's data by patient number and CRF page. One output document file is created for each patient. The report also provides the ability to produce a listing on a random sample of the patients based on the percentage selected. For each selected percentage, a reference data set of the selected patients is generated in the output directory. If the report is executed for the same percentage and reference data set is found, the output will be recreated against the same population of patients.

    For a detailed explanation of the setup, see the attached PatientProfile document.

    Example Output
    Following is an example of the output. The list of patients and the listing of the associated data.

    Setting up the report
    In order for this report to function correctly there are two requirements.
    1. Percentage Data Set
      A data set containing the percentage selection must exist in the global system library. The attached data set_RSEL_PERCPOP.sas7bdat can be copied to the system global directory. Additional percentages may be added to this file. This file will be used to populate the percentage selection in the report template definition.
    2. Libname RANDOM
      A library reference for each individual study must be created to direct the report where to write the listing files. The LIBNAME must be named RANDOM.

    Report Setup Window
    In the Report Library Editor, add a new progam entry and import the report code.

    Report Template Window
    In the Report Template Editor, add a new template which uses the programs specified above.

    General Tab
    In the selection Criteria add the following 3 rows;
    • Selection 1
      • Data Set = PVIEWS.PAGES
      • Variable = PAGENUMBER
      • Selection Label = Pages (nosel=All)
      • Type = Multiple
    • Selection 2
      • Data Set = PVIEWS.DATASETS
      • Variable = DATASETNAME
      • Selection Label = Data Sets (nosel=All)
      • Dependant = No
      • Type = Multiple
    • Selection 3
      • Variable = PERCENT
      • Selection Label = % Patients (nosel=All)
      • Dependant = No
      • Type = Single


    Report Template Titles
    On the Titles & Footnotes tab, In the Titles editor add titles 5 - 8 as follows:
    • Title 5. Investigator / Patient: #BYVAL1 / #BYVAL2
    • Title 6. Visit: #BYVAL4
    • Title 7. Page: #BYVAL3
    • Title 8. Bar Code: #BYVAL5


    Report Template Output
    On the output tab, the Use ODS options should be ticked. Also, speicfy the output type as RTF or PDF. The Style Minimal works well.

    Report Selection Window
    The following is an example of the report selection window. If no subset selections are made then the report will be produced on 100% of the data found.

    Ouput Directory
    The following screen shot is of the resulting files in the output directory referenced by the libname RANDOM. This example is based on a 10% sample resulting in the creation of one patient data listing, one listing of the random sample patient population and the data set RANDOM10.SAS7BDAT.

    Attached Files
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