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Non-Verified Records Report

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  • Non-Verified Records Report

    ClinPlus Data Management V3.0
    Report Examples
    Non-Verified Records

    The Non-Verified Records Report produces a listing of records that have a status less than verified. This report can be subset by Tracking Batch and can be used to aid in the clean up of data. This example is valid for use in ClinPlus Data Management Version 3.0(SR-1) and higher.

    Sample Output

    Instructions for adding the report programs
    • Copy or Save the attached program code where it will be accessible to import
    • Go to System Administration
    • Go to Report Library
    • Add a new report
      • Enter a name for the report (Non-Verified Records)
      • Select Type = Normal Specify a Category (Tracking)
      • Click Import and browse to the program file
      • Select program and click Open
      • The Code Changes Exist field should now say 'Yes' Click Save on the
      • Report Library Window Click
      • Go Back to return to the Reports menu
    • Define the Report Template(s)
      • Go to Report Templates
      • Add a new Template
      • Enter a name in the name input field (Non-Verified Records)
      • Select the level for the report as Global (available to all studies) in the
      • Studies level selection box
      • Specify a description for the report
      • Specify a Category (Tracking)
      • Set Report Type = Current Study Only
      • In the program field, browse to select the program defined above
      • There is no pre processing or post processing program to specify
      • In the Selection criteria past or set the following values to provide batch selection
        • Batch Selection Data set = PVIEWS.BATCHES
        • Variable = BATCH
        • Selection Label = Tracking Batch
        • Dependant = N/A
        • Type = Multiple
      • On the output tab, set the layout to Landscape
      • To set a custom output such as HTML as opposed to the default SAS Output, on the output tab and set the following:
        • Layout = Landscape
        • Check 'Use ODS' Type = HTML or RTF or PDF (for rtf or pdf you need to have word or acrobat installed on the server)
        • Set the desired style. RTF or Printer works well

    Code Example
    	Program:  	NonVerified
    	Descripton: Creates a report of Non Verified Records. 
    data work.batches;
    	set psys._batches(&spw);
    proc sql;
    	create table work._tracking as 
    	select b.*
    	from work.batches as a
    		join psys._tracking(&spw) as b
    	on a.recordID=b._batchesKey;
    proc sql;
        create table work.recordheaders as
        select a.*, b.datasetname
        from psys._recordHeaders(&spw) as a
         join psys._datasets(&spw) as b
        on a._datasetsKey=b.recordid
        where a.statuscode^='V';
    proc sort data=work.recordheaders;
    by datasetname _trackingkey sequence;
    proc sql;
        create table as
        select a.*, b.*
            work.recordheaders as a
            join (select c.recordid as trackingKey,c.patientNumber, c.barcode, d.pagenumber
                    (select e.recordid, e.barcode, e._pagesKey, f.patientNumber
                            work._tracking as e,
                            psys._patients(&spw) as f
                            where e._patientsKey=f.recordid
                    ) as c,
                    psys._pages(&spw) as d
                    where c._pagesKey=d.recordId
            ) as b
        on a._trackingKey=b.trackingKey;
    proc sort;
        by datasetname barcode sequence;
    ** put final report code in a macro so we can check if there is any data to report **;
    %macro reportit;
    	** Check for observations **;
    	** Check returned macro variable to see if there are any observations**;
    	%if &nobs > 0 %then %do;
    	   ** if any obs then produce report **;
    		proc print;
    		    by datasetname barcode;
    		    var datasetname patientNumber barcode pagenumber sequence statuscode;
    	%else %do;
    	   ** if no obs then call macro to write a note to the report window **;
    	   %noreport(message=Note: For the selected criteria there is no data to display);
    %mend reportit;
    ** Call reportit macro **;
    Click image for larger version

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