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  • User Site Access Report

    User Site Access Report

    The user site access report display a listing of users and which studies and sites they have access to. The report can be subset by user or run on all users.

    Required Macros:
    This report uses the macro CPWHERESEL which can be found here if you do not already have this available.

    Setting up the report:
    • Add a new report in the Report Library editor
      • Import the code from the file as a system report
      • Type=Normal

    • Add a new Report Template
      • Specify a Description and Category
      • Report Type = Global System Data
      • Select the program added in the first step
      • Specify the following selection criteria
        • Data Set: GVIEWS.USERS
        • Variable: USERID
        • Label: User ID
        • Type: Multiple

      • On the titles and footnotes tab, remove title 3 containing source and study information
      • On the output table, specify the type and style if desired and using ODS.
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