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    Listing of Global Formats

    A System Study report which produces a listing of the format libraries for a study including the format names and values.

    Instructions for adding the report program
    [list][*] Adding The program code
    • Go to System Administration
    • Go to Report Library
    • Add a new report
    • Enter a name for the report (Format Listing)
    • Select Type = Normal
    • Specify a Category such as Design
    • Import the program code (Attachment) or click edit and past the program code (see below) into the editor window.
    • The Code Changes Exist field should now say ‘Yes’
    • Click Save on the Report Library Window
    • Click Go Back to return to the Reports menu

    [*] Define the Report Template(s)
    • Go to Report Templates
    • Add a new Template
    • Enter a name in the name input field (Format Listing)
    • Select the level for the report as 'Global' in the
    • Studies level selection box so that it is availabe for all studies.
    • Specify a description for the report (Listing of Study Formats)
    • Specify a Category (System or Design)
    • Set Report Type = 'Current Study Only'
    • In the program field, browse to select the program defined above
    • There are no pre processing or post processing programs to specify
    • There are not selection criteria
    • Set any titles and footnotes.
    • Since this is a text based report it works best as either a default SAS output or as HTML with the RTF Style.

    Sample Output

    Program Code

    Programmer: G. Wagner
    Date:       06/15/04
    Purpose:    Generates a listing of the format catalogs
                that exist within the currently selected
                study within ClinPlus data Management
                If no catalog is found in the path, a
                message will be printed to the output
    %macro printfmt;
       ** Check for existance of a Global format catalog **;
       %let fmtflag=%sysfunc(cexist(gformat.formats));
       %if &fmtflag=1 %then %do;
          proc format library=gformat FMTLIB ;
          title4 'Listing of Global Formats';
       %else %do;
          data _null_;
             file print;
             put 'No global format catalog was found.';
       ** Check for existance of a Source format catalog **;
       %let fmtflag=%sysfunc(cexist(sformat.formats));
       %if &fmtflag=1 %then %do;
          proc format library=sformat FMTLIB ;
          title4 'Listing of Source Formats';
       %else %do;
          data _null_;
             file print;
             put 'No source level format catalog was found.';
       ** Check for existance of a Study format catalog **;
       %let fmtflag=%sysfunc(cexist(pformat.formats));
       %if &fmtflag=1 %then %do;
          proc format library=pformat FMTLIB ;
          title4 'Listing of Study Formats';
       %else %do;
          data _null_;
             file print;
             put 'No study format catalog was found.';
    %mend printfmt;
    ** Call Macro to run the report **;
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