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    Hi Allan,

    Also, for PDF creation, you can use Adobe Acrobat Distiller to do this automatically. You can set up your Document Save Path as a “watched folder” with Distiller and any document that is saved there is automatically converted instantly to PDF.

    Bob Borysko


    From: Ronni Rubenstein
    Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 1:29 PM
    To: 'Allan Gold'; Support
    Subject: Re: [#SRX01918] Question on query printing

    Hi Allan,

    First, if you created a manual query with a pending status, you will need to elevate it to at least outstanding. Next, to print the query and not send it to the printer, follow these steps:

    1) Select the query.

    2) Click the print button on the Query Management module, which will open the Print Queries screen.

    3) Remove the check next to "Print" and make any other changes needed, such as change the level, select a different template, or print as new or reprint existing if these are active.

    4) Click OK, which will return you to the Query Management module.

    5) Notice that the query will have a document id connected to it. To view in Word, double-click the query id #.

    6) This is the electronic version of the query, which you can save as pdf through Word. Click File > Save as PDF.

    In your question #2, when you double click the query id #, the query does not open in Word. Can you check the System Admin module > Studies > Queries tab and tell me what is in the Document Save Path?

    All my best,

    Ronni Rubenstein
    Training Manager
    DZS Software Solutions, Inc.
    1661 Route 22 West
    Bound Brook, NJ 08805
    +1 732 764 6969 Ext: 223


    From: Allan Gold
    Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 1:03 PM
    To: Support
    Subject: Question on query printing

    Hi all,

    When I create a manual query, I realize that I need to create a document ID in order to see the image. To do this, I printed the query.

    1. I know there is a way to print the query to a file rather than a printer. Please advise. Can we make a pdf directly so we don’t need to scan the printed pages?

    2. After printing to the printer & getting the document ID number, I clicked on the query number in the list, expecting to bring up the query image. I did not. It couldn’t find the document.

    I’m hoping you know exactly what’s going on ‘cause I need to do a demo on Tuesday morning and need to have this in place.

    Thanks so much,
    Allan Gold
    Director, Data Management