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Debugging COVER programs

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  • Debugging COVER programs

    Hi Sam,

    When testing, it's better to run the COVER program(s) on All Records; not just Uncovered.

    To debug a program, you can use a SAS put statement to write values to the Log window. For example, if you wanted to check your DOBC or AGE values, you can do the following in your cover data step…

    put dobc= dovc= age=;

    Place this line before your expression to see all the values and to see if the check should fire.

    Greg Wagner
    Manager of Software Development


    From: Sam Jones
    Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2006 7:49 PM
    To: Greg Wagner
    Subject: Help debugging COVER programs


    I’m attempting to write cover programs in ClinPlus again (trying to convert the edit check programs previously written in BASE SAS.)

    As you see, it compiles and runs, but fails to produce results. I’m checking ranges outside ages 25-40 with a single patient who is 18 years old, so I expect results.

    In the Cover program, I defined some macros before the ‘set’ statement. These macros are general in nature and are applicable to several of the datasets. Although no completion errors occur, I’m not convinced that these date and age macros are even running.

    1. How can I include a file full of general purpose macros to be called from all of my cover programs?

    2. How can I tell if the macros are running? (What is the best method of tracing/finding/eliminating bugs in COVER programs?)

    Thanks in advance,
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    Do not forget the "Output" statement

    I think you have to check and make sure the "Output;" statement is included in your code. I had the same problem before and it took me a while to figure it out.