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Clarifying COVER Processing and Query Management

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  • Clarifying COVER Processing and Query Management

    From: Uhrlich, David
    Sent: Friday, February 02, 2007 1:30 PM
    To: Support
    Subject: COVER Processing and Query Management questions

    I have a few questions about the Scope and deleting and excluding queries within Query Management for ClinPlus 3.21.

    1. Tell me if my understanding is correct. If I delete a query, it has the potential to fire again. It will fire only under the right conditions, however; if the data is still dirty and if I choose a Scope of All records. For example, if I choose Scope = Uncovered / Updated, a query will not be produced for that problem in the “old” data since the program will check against only new and updated data.

    Yes, this is correct.

    2. If I exclude a query and then at some point afterwards the relevant code/logic is modified (for example, let’s say it was incorrectly programmed and now has been corrected … and we need to look at all the data in the database), will the query be produced again? Is the answer to this question dependent on the Scope I use in any future cover processing?

    Another way to word the question: if code/logic is modified for a particular diagnostic check, is it always necessary to use Scope of All Records, or does a check with modified code/logic act like a new check, one which starts from scratch with no history of cover processing?

    If the question text is different than the old program it will act like a new check. If the question text is identical to the old program’s text and you have Exclude duplicate removal checked and the condition still exists then the query will NOT be produced unless you use All records.

    3. Could you explain the basic difference between deleting a query and excluding a query, and include any information regarding the future life of each query. It may be as simple as delete means it is deleted from that batch of cover programs and it can be produced again (with scope of All Records for example). Exclude means it will not be produced again; in a sense it is permanently excluded. But there may be exceptions to this. Please add to or correct my thoughts on this.

    Deleting a query removes it from the database. Excluding it marks it as excluded but leaves it in the database. If you run your program on all records with Excluded duplicate removal checked, the query will not re-fire on the excluded query but will fire on the deleted one.

    Hope that helps. Bob.


    David Uhrlich
    Assistant Manager, CDM

    Bob Borysko
    Vice President Programming & Development
    DZS Software Solutions, Inc.
    1-866-254-6758 ext. 128