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Testing COVER Programs

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  • Testing COVER Programs

    Testing COVER Programs

    When building edit check programs (COVERS) it is always easier to work with them outside of the Data Management system for debugging purposes. One way to do this is to create some dummy macros with the same names and behavior as the ones in use in the system.

    The data can either be exported and used from a single library reference(PVIEWS) that you assign, or you may work directly from the study data views directory. If this is the case, the libraries CPGLOBAL, PDATA, PSYS and PVIEWS all need to be assigned to the appropriate locations. Otherwise, the system data views will not resolve correctly.

    In the attached SAS program ( all the required macros are created and a macro is also provided to assign the required libraries.

    There are several ways that this can be used. The best way with minimal impact to the COVER program, is to create a setup program for the project you are building the edits for. That program can include macro program and define the required libraries within your SAS Session. Now you should be able to open and submit the COVER program within a Base SAS Session.
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