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What is Partially Monitored when Importing Data

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  • What is Partially Monitored when Importing Data

    In an EDC Tool, a CRA may have indicated that they monitored some fields but not others within a visit, which we call "Partially Monitored" or they may have monitored all of the fields, which we call "Fully Monitored."

    When importing data into ClinPlus CTMS, an EDC tool typically does NOT send the monitoring status for an entire visit; only the monitoring status for individual fields. To determine the monitoring status, a key field that occurs once in each visit is selected. Then a field that indicates whether that field has been monitored is viewed. If this EDC field indicates that the field has been monitored, we set the Subject Visit Monitoring Status in CTMS to "Partially Monitored." If the client requests, the Subject Visit Monitoring Status field can be set to "Fully Monitored."

    A CRA can manually add additional Monitoring Status to each Subject Visit either through the Monitoring Tab of the Site Visit Report Tool or the Monitoring Status field of the Subject Visit Dialog. This provides the CRA with the rights to assign the status of “Fully Monitored.”