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Adding Admin Rights to Project Manager Role

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  • Adding Admin Rights to Project Manager Role

    If you are a project manager and want to add admin rights to your role so that you can unlock other users' accounts, we recommend that you create a new project manager role with all the rights of a project manager plus admin rights. However, this role will not allow you to view, edit, or unlock the actual System Administrator account.

    To add admin rights, follow these steps:
    1. Under the Administration tab, click the pencil next to Roles and click Add New. Enter all fields. The following is an example:
      • Role Type: Project
      • Role Name: Project Manager with Admin
      • Role Code: PM_Admin
      • System Role: Other Role
      • Default Data Access Scope: Full

    2. Click Save and click the Security tab. Click the box above the Admin column, which will place checks in all of the Admin features. Place a check in the Export check boxes next to Global Audit Trail and Project Audit Trail. Click Save. Click the Return button.
    3. Click the pencil next to System Configuration. Select Site Visit Reports for the Configuration Group. Click the pencil next to Site Visit Report Reviewer Roles. Make sure there is a check in the Override box. In the Override Value, check the new role that you created. Click Save.
    4. Follow step 3 for Site Visit Report Process Roles.
    5. Go to the Home tab, Global Contacts menu item, click the pencil next to your name. Change your role to this new role under the contact tab.