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Global Contacts: Inactivate or Status Not Current

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  • Global Contacts: Inactivate or Status Not Current

    Inactivate is generally used when something should be “deleted”, i.e. it was created in error. It is then hidden by default throughout the system. It can be “undeleted” by re-activating it.

    Unchecking the “User can Login” releases the named user license, but keeps the Contact active. This is important to use when someone leaves the company; their information is still available in the system but they can no longer log into the CTMS.

    A Contact would normally be inactivated when it was found that it shouldn’t have been created. Typically, this is caused by user’s entering a person twice by accident. Inactivating a Global Contact that has the “User can Login” field checked will also release the named user license.

    The same logic applies to Projects. “Available to Users” controls whether the Project appears on the Project Select Tool. Unchecking it just means that users can no longer view that Project, but it still exists. Inactivating a Project means that it never should have been created.

    For IQ/OQ purposes, some clients may prefer to use the Inactivate feature to remove the IQ/OQ Contacts and Projects so that they do not “clutter” the lists and so there is no confusion about selecting the records.