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How to setup the SMTP Configuration Values for notification emails

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  • How to setup the SMTP Configuration Values for notification emails

    The CTMS system has the ability to send emails of notification events and scheduled reports through the CTMS Agent Service. However, when the system is first installed you may see events ClinPlus log of the Windows Event Viewer stating that the CTMS Agent Service cannot send notification emails because the SMTP settings are incomplete or not available.

    In order to successfully send emails the CTMS Agent Service must be provided with override values for the following variables on the STMP Settings of the System Configuration:

    SMTP From Address:
    An address that is used to send the emails, i.e. [email protected]. This does not have to be a valid email. The CTMS system does NOT accept responses to emails, only sends them.

    SMTP Host:
    The address of an SMTP server that is accessible from the CTMS web server. It can be either an IP address or a DNS name. Your IT group should ensure that the SMTP server allows emails to be sent from the CTMS web server.

    SMTP Password and SMTP Username:
    A valid network username and password that has permission to send emails through the SMTP Host.

    Require SMTP Authentication:
    If your STMP server does not require a username and password to send emails, set this variable to False and the values entered in the SMTP Password and SMTP Username will be ignored. In most cases this field will be left with the default value of True.

    Notification User:
    The name of a CTMS service account which will be used as the "sender" of the email. This account will be displayed under the "Sent by" column on the Notification Queue page. The built-in “Service, Notification” user is a good default if you have not defined any other service accounts in Global Contacts.

    Notification Error Email:
    A valid email address which will be used by CTMS to notify a system administrator in the event an error occurs while sending emails.

    After the override values have been provided, the CTMS Agent Service should begin sending emails within 15 minutes. The progress of the emails can be monitored through the Notification Queue on the Administration tab.