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  • SAS Dictionary Programs

    The attached SAS programs will create the dictionary tables from the source ASCII files within ClinPlus Coding Version 3.x. These scripts are written to work as system stored programs that can be used with multiple dictionary builds as new versions are required.

    The programs and scripts supplied by ClinPlus have been validated. While ClinPlus makes every effort to provide accurate and complete information, we strongly recommend that clients who use the scripts also validate the results.

    Changes to programs from Coding 3.0 to Coding 3.1
    The following changes were made to the dictionary programs for use under coding version 3.1.
    • Added column LLT_Name_WordSorted to contain the word sorted version of the dictionary term.
    • Several functions were added to create the word sorted value.
    • A TSQL variable was added with the replacement tag {SPECIALCHARACTERS} that is populated from the coding template. The characters specified will be removed from the word sorted term.
    • In the SQL Server script, the replacement tag {OWNER} was added to all objects so that the correct schema, as specified in the template, is used.
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